74 million - and now you - watch Papi Jiang

Papi-Jiang from asiarisingtv-com

Papi Jiang is a viral online celeb from China. She posts smart, sassy, satirical videos. She has 44 million followers. One video got 74 million views in one day.

She is the girl next door. Plain haircut. Minimal make-up.

Yet she is part of the game-changer in China's internet.


Papi Jiang - YouTube - The Chinese New Year - are you ready?

Once upon a time, access to the internet was limited. But now 92 percent of China's internet users come to the web from their mobile phones. So they are constantly on the internet, and have an insatiable hunger for web content.

But they don't need others for web content. They can self-post content on social media. The Chinese call this zimeiti - literally "self-media."

Jesus was also the guy from next door. Plain. Carpenter's son.

Yet Jesus was a game-changer.

Once upon a time, access to God was limited. You had to go through official channels. A priest, a temple, a sacrifice.

But now, with Jesus, we have constant access to God. Jesus fills our insatiable hunger for God.

And with Jesus' Spirit in us, we don't need others to speak to God. We can self-post our prayers directly to God.

The Spirit gives us the words we need to pray to God. And we have mobile access to God - whenever, wherever, however we want.

Papi Jiang has 74 million viewers. Jesus has 2.2 billion followers.




Romans 8:26