Supermodel secrets they won't tell you

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Tracy Trinita - supermodel from Indonesia - is in Australia right now.

So how can we be a supermodel? Apparently it's all to do with what society determines is "beautiful."

In Rubens' time, when everyone was thin, being beautiful meant being plump. And now, when we're all - ahem a bit plump - being beautiful means being thin.

In Australia, where many are pale-skinned, being beautiful means being tanned. But in Asia (full-disclosure I am Asian) where many are tanned, being beautiful means being pale-skinned.

Society is cruel. It constructs beauty as something that we can never attain. For women, it's the impossible dimensions of Barbie. For men, it's the impossible proportions of Captain America.

Society constructs beauty and tells us we can never be beautiful.

God does the opposite. God constructs us as beautiful.

We don't make ourselves beautiful for God. That's his job.

The Bible says that those who know and worship Jesus - tall, short, plump, thin, tanned, pale - will be robed with God's beauty.

God makes us his supermodels.

Jesus is the Catwalk, the Truth, the Life.

Come hear Tracy Trinita talk about how, even though she was a supermodel, she was empty and insecure. In the end, she cried out to god and found meaning and security in Jesus. If you're in Australia, she's telling her story in the capital cities. Click HERE to find out dates and times.

My wife and I will be at the Sydney event, Friday 26th August. See you there. Come and say hi.