iPhone 7 - bold upgrade or something else?


The new iPhone 7 has been released and gasp! there is no headphone jack.

But how can a phone not have a headphone jack? How are we going to listen to music?

Apparently we're going to use wireless earbuds. Apple has upgraded the way we listen to music from our phones.

This is not the first time Apple has done this with an upgrade.

A few years ago they removed the floppy disk drive from its computers and we thought, "How are we going to transfer data?" But Apple gave us the iCloud and upgraded the way we transfer data.

Apple upgrades us. It takes away what we think we need. And gives us something different to fulfil our original needs. In doing so, Apple changes the way we function and behave.

(Whether or not Apple pulls this off with the iPhone 7 we can only wait and see.)

Jesus also upgrades us.

We think we need more money, more achievements, more possessions. How else can we be secure, empowered, and free?

But God gives us his Son Jesus instead.  And Jesus gives us more security, more empowerment and more freedom than we could ever dream of.

Jesus asks us to leave behind what we think we need. But then he gives us himself to fulfil our needs.

With Jesus we have a new life. It might not be the life we thought we wanted.

But, with Jesus, it will be the life we needed - an upgraded life.



Matthew 6:33



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