How Jesus became the Chicken Feet of the World

chicken feet - image from growbreastsnaturally.jpg

If you're a Westerner, chicken feet go into the rubbish bin. It's the part of the chicken that no-one eats.

Instead, the chicken breast is the most expensive. Then the thighs, wings and drumsticks. But the feet definitely go in the rubbish bin.

But for the Chinese, chicken feet are a delicacy. Very prized. (But not so the breast - it's too dry!)

According to the Freakonomics episode - Weird Recycling - the Chinese demand for chicken feet props up the chicken industry in the USA. The USA now exports 300,000 tons of chicken feet every year. Chicken feet bring in $40 million for one chicken company alone. Without chicken feet, many USA chicken companies would go broke.

One man's rubbish is another man's treasure.

The Bible similarly describes Jesus as "the stone that the builders rejected". He is the stone that we throw into the rubbish.

But for God, Jesus is so precious that God makes him the "cornerstone" - the foundation - of a whole new way that God will love, judge and save us.

Our rubbish is God's treasure.


1 Peter 2:4-8