If Jesus played rugby league, would he play for the Doggies?

james graham - image from news-com-au

My friend Steve is a big Bulldogs fan. So when the Bulldogs win - which sadly is too often - he says "we won".

In one sense, this is true. Because the Bulldogs are his team. The Bulldogs represent my friend. So the Bulldogs' win counts as a win for my friend.

But in another sense, this isn't true. Because my friend Steve didn't play on the field. He didn't run the ball. He didn't kick any goals. He didn't score any points. So he didn't really win.

Being a Christian is like having Jesus play rugby for us.

Jesus represents us. So his win - over sin and death - counts as a win for us. That's why we can say, "Where O Death is your victory?"

But in another sense, the Bible says Christ is in us, and we are in Christ.

When Christ died, we also died with him. And when Christ rose, we also rose with him.

So we really did win over sin and death.

For real. For real life.


Romans 6:1-14