How watching Zootopia will set you free

Zootopia - image from pinterest.jpg

Zootopia was the perfect school holiday movie. Our boys loved the slapstick comedy. And there was plenty there for the adults. My favourite was the DMV - staffed by sloths who moved glacially slow.

The key message of Zootopia is that anyone can be anything that they want to be. We can make choices and rise above our circumstances.

For example, we don't have to be trapped by social determinism. If our parents have low expectations - bunnies should stay home at the farm - we can prove them wrong and choose high-achieving careers in the city.

And we don't have to be trapped by biological determinism. If it's in our nature to be predators - you can't trust a fox - we can choose to act against our nature and happily co-exist with our natural prey.

This is the Western narrative - we can choose to be anything that we want to be. Just believe.

This is the foundation of the rugged individualism and entrepreneurial spirit of the Western world.

But this is where the Western narrative is at odds with itself.

Because another key Western narrative is - "This is who I am and I can't be any different. So you have to accept me just for who I am."

But if this is true, then we return to the fatalism of Greek mythology. Our destinies are determined and our choices are doomed.

So which one is it? Zootopia or Greek mythology?

One of the key themes in the Bible is choice. Joshua says "Choose for yourselves." Jesus says "He who has ears listen."

So we cannot use determinism as a crutch. We need to give ourselves more credit than that.

We can make choices. We can transcend our circumstances. This is the basis of true freedom, reward and responsibility.

Just believe.


Joshua 24:15