If Gorillas exist, why aren't they more obvious?

gorilla on CT - image from NPR

Have a look at the CT scan of the chest in the image above. What do we see?

Even if you're not a doctor you will see 2 lungs and the heart in the middle. But if you're a doctor you might also notice the aorta, IVC, vertebra, ribs, intercostal muscles and bronchioles.

Have another look, what else can we see?

Did you see the gorilla in the top corner?

You probably saw it. But I'm a doctor and I didn't see it.

And 83% of radiologists didn't see it. Radiologists are specialist doctors who take an additional 5-10 years of specialist training to learn to read CT scans. They are the Jedi Masters of the medical world when it comes to reading CT scans. But 83% of them missed the gorilla.

How? Because their brains are trained to look for cancer nodules but not gorillas. So they can look directly at the gorilla and not see it - because they are not expecting to see a gorilla. The gorilla is literally hidden in plain sight.

Sometimes we complain that God is too hidden. Why doesn't a loving God do more to make himself more obvious?

Maybe God could do more - like speak, or send prophets, or do miracles. Or even send his own Son and raise him from the dead. But if we're not expecting to see God, God will still be literally hidden in plain sight.



Luke 16:19-31