Why Christians deserve to be laughed at

dumb and dumber - from flixster

I love listening to the Moth and TED talks.

But I've noticed that whenever a speaker says that they met a "Christian", or a "Lutheran", or, worse, an "Evangelical" the audience laughs.

We no longer tell jokes about "Irishmen" but somehow mentioning a "Christian" is guaranteed to get you a laugh.

But Christians shouldn't take offence. What should they expect? Their role models in the Bible are funny.

Take little Zacchaeus who is a short man who runs and climbs a tree with his tiny legs! Pure slapstick! 

God also thinks Christians are funny people. The apostle Paul says that God deliberately chose to save them because they were "foolish", "weak" and "despised". Christians are pure slapstick to God!

Paul says that this is how God has always worked. Because if God saved the "wise", "strong" or "noble" then we would become entitled. But God chooses the "foolish" so we might never be silly enough to brag.

So if you're a Christian, it's OK to be the punchline of a joke.

Lighten up. God also finds you funny.


1 Corinthians 1:26-31