Why I stopped drinking milk

chocolate milkshakes - from tastespotting dot com

I remember it very well. I was in Bega which is famous for its milkshakes. So, of course, I ordered and drank a milkshake.

1 hour later, I could feel my stomach grumbling, moaning and distending.

That's when I realised, "Yep, I've joined the 90%"

You see, 90% of Asians are lactose intolerant. And 75% of African-Americans, Mexican-Americans and Jews are also lactose intolerant.

It turns out that as a species we probably weren't meant to drink cow's milk. It's only been a recent social phenomenon that we've been drinking milkshakes, lattes and hot chocolates.

Drinking milk goes against our nature. But somehow we've been conditioned, socialised and construed into creatures who drink milk. We've adopted a narrative where we're supposed to be drinking milk.

Drinking milk - even though it's not what we were designed for - might explain the recent prevalence of heartburn, diabetes and prostate cancer.

In the same way, it's only been a recent social phenomenon, unique mainly to the West, that we need to "do what we love", "follow our dreams" and "be true to ourselves". This is the Western narrative. We hear it in every graduation and commencement speech.

But what if this goes against our nature? If so, this might explain our loneliness, self-absorption and shattered dreams.

For most of human development, it's been the opposite narrative. Put others before ourselves. Honour. Respect. Duty.

I know that this has its own set of problems. But maybe this counter-narrative is more true to who we are.