Ecclesiastes Series - Talk 9: EXTRA-Ordinary SUCCESS

We are told to chase our passions. We can succeed at whatever we put our hearts into. The only thing stopping us is our lack of faith. But at the same time, there are so many stories of failure. For every winner, there has to be a loser. So how can we find success when we don’t know what tomorrow brings?

According to psychologists, if I have more money I am more likely to take candy from children. I am less likely to stop my car for a pedestrian. And my children might be less happy. But, according to psychologists, if I have less money I also become irrationally distressed.


Ecclesiastes Series - Talk 7: EXTRA-Ordinary RESPECT

According to Hugh Mackay, the number one desire that makes us tick is: "Please recognise and acknowledge me as a unique individual". This is the desire for respect. To be noticed. To matter. To be appreciated. To be valued. But what happens when this desire is unfulfilled? Our children don't respect us.


Ecclesiastes Series - Talk 6: EXTRA-Ordinary SEX

In a recent survey of 1000 married Australian: 50% have sex once a month. 10% have not had sex in 12 months. 60% say sex is so routine that it's unexciting. Sex promises us passion, romance and excitement. But often we're trapped in relationships that are cold, dull and uninspiring.


Ecclesiastes Series - Talk 5: EXTRA-Ordinary JUSTICE

Steve Jobs was horrible to his friends and disloyal to his family. But he became the pin-up CEO of the 21st Century. In the game of life, the wrong people win. The narcissists become celebrated leaders. The bullies get the promotions. So what's the point in being one of the good guys?


RICE rally - "know, love, experience"


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