Using K-drama to spice up your love life

boys over flowers

Shout out to JAY MOORE for this GUEST POST:

Thanks to Netflix, I recently watched my first K-drama from beginning to end.

For those that are curious, it was the 2009 hit "Boys Over Flowers". And it had it all! Rich boy falling for poor girl, disapproving villainous rich mum, love triangles, multiple kidnappings and near drownings, and a stint of amnesia to boot. Despite the cheesy, over-the-top drama, and cringe-worthy CGI, I surprisingly really enjoyed it!

My favourite plot line was the love story between the lead characters, Jun Pyo (heir to a multinational conglomerate), and Jan Di (daughter of a laundromat operator). Despite the many obstacles to their relationship ever getting off the ground, Jun Pyo becomes committed in his love for Jan Di and cannot give up on her. It's the classic tale of a first love that just cannot quit.

And deep down, isn't this what we all desire? The love of someone who is committed, even to the point of enduring suffering? A love that does not give up, and does not quit?

The Bible also tells us the story of an ever persistent, enduring love. In fact, it's the main plot line. Reconciliation between God (the immortal, invisible creator of all) and humanity (mortal rejectors of God) seems impossible - until Jesus (eternal Son of God) comes with a love that endures suffering, even to the point of death. It is this love that makes it possible for us to be friends with God. It is this love that satisfies our deepest longings to be loved, persistently and enduringly. It is a love so strong, it demands a response from all of us. What will your response be?


John 3:16


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