Was Batman a Christian?

The early cast of superheroes were superheroes who had to adopt the identity of a normal everyday person. Batman was Bruce Wayne. Superman was Clark Kent. Wonder Woman was Diana Prince.

But the next cast of superheroes switched the formula. They were normal everyday people who were granted the identity of a superhero. Peter Parker was Spider-Man. Bruce Banner was Hulk.

So are Christians more like the first group or the second group of superheroes?

I think that the Bible presents Christians as normal people who, through no effort of their own, end up being ridiculously blessed by God.

Christians are - according to the Bible - nothing special. But God adopts them to be his children and puts his Spirit in them to slowly change them on the inside.

So I guess Christians are more like Spider-Man than Batman.

But like, Spider-Man, with great blessing also comes great responsibility.