What does Yoda teach us about God?

Yoda from starwars.wikia.com

The other day I went to buy a toy Yoda for my son. But when we asked how much it was, we were told $130. How can a plastic toy be worth $130?

In terms of intrinsic value - Yoda is only a blob of plastic worth a few cents.

But Yoda is worth $130 because of extrinsic value - people are prepared to pay that much for Yoda. Or, as behaviourial economists explain, people prefer to own this plastic Yoda than to have $130 dollars in their pocket.

How much are we worth?

Without God, in terms of intrinsic value - we're only a blob of chemicals worth a few cents.

So, without God, we have to get value from extrinsic trophies - salary, career, family, qualifications, status, reputation, achievements.

But with God, in terms of intrinsic value - we are in the image of God. That's why every human life is precious.

And, if we let God adopt us as his children, our extrinsic value comes from God - he gives us status, worth and reputation.

God pays the price by sending his Son Jesus to die for us and live for us. Or, as behaviourial economists explain, we are so precious to God that Jesus prefers to die for us than to sit comfortably in heaven.