if life is chess - are you white or black?

chess set image - from en.wikipedia.org

In chess, white always moves first. That's just how it is. This is the a priori starting point of chess. In an alternative reality, maybe black gets to move first. But in our reality, it's white that moves first.

It's the same with us trying to understand God. If we get to move first, in some alternative reality, then we get to approach and analyse God using all our tools of reason, experience and logic. And then it becomes a question of "How do we know if there is a God?" and "Which God is the true God?"

But in the Bible's reality, God gets to move first. He speaks first. And he gets to ask us the questions and tell us about himself. In this reality, we use our tools of reason, experience and logic to answer the question of "How do I worship this God?"